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200 definitions found for Mucor

Mucor belongs to:

Mucor consists of:
Mucor adriaticus
Mucor adventitius
Mucor agaricinus
Mucor agglomeratus
Mucor alboater
Mucor albus
Mucor aligarensis
Mucor alternans
Mucor ambiguus
Mucor amphibiorum
Mucor angarensis
Mucor angulisporus
Mucor ardhlaengiktus
Mucor aromaticus
Mucor arrhizus
Mucor artocarpi
Mucor ascophorus
Mucor aspergillus
Mucor assamensis
Mucor attenuatus
Mucor azygosporus
Mucor bacilliformis
Mucor bainieri
Mucor beaumontii
Mucor bedrchani
Mucor botryoides
Mucor brevipes
Mucor brunneogriseus
Mucor brunneus
Mucor buntingii
Mucor cambodja
Mucor cancellatus
Mucor caninus
Mucor capitatoramosus
Mucor chibinensis
Mucor christianensis
Mucor chrysospermus
Mucor circinans
Mucor circinelloides
Mucor coprophilus
Mucor cornealis
Mucor corticola
Mucor corymbifer
Mucor corymbosus
Mucor crustaceus
Mucor cucurbitarum
Mucor cunninghamelloides
Mucor curtus
Mucor cylindrosporus
Mucor delemar
Mucor dendroides
Mucor dependens
Mucor dichotomus
Mucor digitata
Mucor dimorphosporus
Mucor dispersus
Mucor dispersus var. megalosporus
Mucor dubius
Mucor elegans
Mucor faisalabadensis
Mucor falcatus
Mucor flavidus
Mucor flavus
Mucor fragilis
Mucor fulvus
Mucor furfuraceus
Mucor fuscus
Mucor fusiger
Mucor genevensis
Mucor gigasporus
Mucor glaucus
Mucor globosus
Mucor glomerula
Mucor glomerulosus
Mucor grandis
Mucor griseo-ochraceus
Mucor griseobrunneus
Mucor griseocyanus
Mucor griseolilacinus
Mucor griseoroseus
Mucor guilliermondii
Mucor hagemii
Mucor harzii
Mucor herbariorum
Mucor heterogamus
Mucor hiemalis
Mucor humicolus
Mucor inaequisporus
Mucor indicus
Mucor intermedius
Mucor irkutensis
Mucor janssenii
Mucor jauchae
Mucor javanicus
Mucor kanivcevii
Mucor kursanovii
Mucor lamprosporus
Mucor lausannensis
Mucor laxorrhizus
Mucor lichenoides
Mucor lichtheimii
Mucor lusitanicus
Mucor luteus
Mucor macrocarpus
Mucor macrosporus
Mucor mandshuricus
Mucor mediterraneus
Mucor meitauza
Mucor mephitis
Mucor meridionalis
Mucor microsporus
Mucor miehei
Mucor minutus
Mucor moelleri
Mucor mousanensis
Mucor mucedo
Mucor mucilagineus
Mucor muriperda
Mucor murorum
Mucor mycenae
Mucor nanus
Mucor nederlandicus
Mucor neglectus
Mucor nitens
Mucor nodosus
Mucor norvegicus
Mucor obliquus
Mucor oblongiellipticus
Mucor oblongisporus
Mucor odoratus
Mucor oudemansii
Mucor ovalisporus
Mucor paolettianus
Mucor parasiticus
Mucor peacockensis
Mucor petrinsularis
Mucor petropolitanus
Mucor phycomyces
Mucor pirelloides
Mucor piriformis
Mucor pispekii
Mucor plasmaticus
Mucor plumbeus
Mucor pomiformis
Mucor prainii
Mucor prayagensis
Mucor proliferus
Mucor pseudolamprosporus
Mucor psychrophilus
Mucor pusillus
Mucor pyri
Mucor racemosus
Mucor ramannianus
Mucor ramificus
Mucor ramiger
Mucor ramosissimus
Mucor ramosus
Mucor recurvus var. indicus
Mucor recurvus var. malaysiensis
Mucor recurvus var. recurvus
Mucor reflexus
Mucor regnieri
Mucor repens
Mucor rhizopodiformis
Mucor rhombosporus
Mucor rigidus
Mucor romanus
Mucor roridus
Mucor turfosus
Mucor ucrainicus
Mucor umbellatus
Mucor vallesiacus
Mucor variabilis
Mucor varians
Mucor variosporus
Mucor vesiculosus
Mucor villosus
Mucor violaceus
Mucor vulgaris
Mucor wosnessenskii
Mucor zeicolus
Mucor zonatus
Mucor zychae var. linnemanniae
Mucor zychae var. zychae

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