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63 definitions found for Melampsora

Melampsora belongs to:

Melampsora consists of:
Melampsora aecidioides
Melampsora albertensis
Melampsora allii-fragilis
Melampsora allii-populina
Melampsora allii-salicis-albae
Melampsora alpina
Melampsora amygdalinae
Melampsora arctica
Melampsora areolata
Melampsora ariae
Melampsora betulina
Melampsora caprearum
Melampsora cerastii
Melampsora circaeae
Melampsora epilobii
Melampsora epitea
Melampsora euonymi-capraearum
Melampsora euphorbiae
Melampsora euphorbiae-dulcis
Melampsora farinosa
Melampsora galii
Melampsora goeppertiana
Melampsora guttata
Melampsora hartigii
Melampsora helioscopiae
Melampsora hypericorum
Melampsora laricis
Melampsora laricis-capraearum
Melampsora laricis-epitea
Melampsora laricis-pentandrae
Melampsora laricis-populina
Melampsora laricis-tremulae
Melampsora lini
Melampsora liniperda
Melampsora medusae
Melampsora mixta
Melampsora orchidis-repentis
Melampsora padi
Melampsora phyllodiorum
Melampsora pinitorqua
Melampsora populi
Melampsora populnea
Melampsora pustulata
Melampsora quercus
Melampsora repentis
Melampsora reticulata
Melampsora ribesii-purpureae
Melampsora ribesii-viminalis
Melampsora ricini
Melampsora rostrupii
Melampsora salicis-albae
Melampsora sorbi
Melampsora symphyti
Melampsora tremulae
Melampsora vaccinii
Melampsora vacciniorum
Melampsora vernalis
Melampsora vitellinae

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