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27 definitions found for Lobophora

Lobophora belongs to:

Lobophora consists of:
Lobophora canavestita
Lobophora dichotoma
Lobophora halterata
Lobophora hexapterata
Lobophora ijimai
Lobophora inaequaliata
Lobophora indica
Lobophora inequaliata
Lobophora magnoliatoidata
Lobophora minima
Lobophora montanata
Lobophora nigra
Lobophora nigrescens
Lobophora nigrovariegata
Lobophora nivigerata
Lobophora nocticolata
Lobophora papenfussii
Lobophora planicolor
Lobophora rudolphii
Lobophora simsata
Lobophora tabulata
Lobophora unicolor
Lobophora variegata
Lobophora zonata

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