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46 definitions found for Leptostroma

Leptostroma belongs to:

Leptostroma consists of:
Leptostroma abietis
Leptostroma ahmadii
Leptostroma areolatum
Leptostroma austriacum
Leptostroma caricinum
Leptostroma castaneae
Leptostroma crataegi
Leptostroma decipiens
Leptostroma donacinum
Leptostroma durissimum
Leptostroma eupatorii
Leptostroma filicinum
Leptostroma graminicola
Leptostroma hedgcockii
Leptostroma henningsii
Leptostroma herbarum
Leptostroma hysterioides
Leptostroma hysterioides f. graminicola
Leptostroma iridis
Leptostroma juncacearum
Leptostroma juncinum
Leptostroma litigiosum
Leptostroma luzulae
Leptostroma osmundicola
Leptostroma phragmitis
Leptostroma pinastri
Leptostroma pinorum
Leptostroma praecastrense
Leptostroma pteridis
Leptostroma quercinum
Leptostroma rostrupii
Leptostroma scirpinum
Leptostroma sorbicola
Leptostroma spiraeae
Leptostroma spiraeinum
Leptostroma stellariae
Leptostroma strobicola
Leptostroma tenue
Leptostroma virgultorum
Leptostroma virgultorum var. fructigenum
Leptostroma vulgare

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