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26 definitions found for Lachnellula

Lachnellula belongs to:

Lachnellula consists of:
Lachnellula abietis
Lachnellula arida
Lachnellula calyciformis
Lachnellula calycina
Lachnellula cervina
Lachnellula chrysophthalma
Lachnellula flavovirens
Lachnellula fuckelii
Lachnellula fuscosanguinea
Lachnellula hahniana
Lachnellula hyalina
Lachnellula inspersa
Lachnellula laricis
Lachnellula occidentalis
Lachnellula pini
Lachnellula pseudofarinacea
Lachnellula pseudofarinaceae
Lachnellula pulveracea
Lachnellula resinaria
Lachnellula subtilissima
Lachnellula suecica
Lachnellula theiodea
Lachnellula tricolor
Lachnellula tuberculata
Lachnellula willkommii

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