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41 definitions found for Imbricaria

Imbricaria belongs to:

Imbricaria consists of:
Imbricaria acetabulum
Imbricaria aleurites
Imbricaria alpicola
Imbricaria balata
Imbricaria binectaria
Imbricaria borbonica
Imbricaria caperata
Imbricaria commersonii
Imbricaria conoplea
Imbricaria conspersa
Imbricaria coriacea
Imbricaria decipiens
Imbricaria encausta
Imbricaria fragrans
Imbricaria fuliginosa
Imbricaria gigantea
Imbricaria incurva
Imbricaria lanata var. minuscula
Imbricaria lanuginosa
Imbricaria macrocarpa
Imbricaria malabarica
Imbricaria maxima
Imbricaria media
Imbricaria obovata
Imbricaria perroudii
Imbricaria petiolaris
Imbricaria physodes
Imbricaria pierrei
Imbricaria plumbea
Imbricaria prolixa var. isidiostyla
Imbricaria saxatilis
Imbricaria sechellarum
Imbricaria sinuosa
Imbricaria sorediata
Imbricaria stygia
Imbricaria tiliacea

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