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35 definitions found for Hypotrachyna

Hypotrachyna belongs to:

Hypotrachyna consists of:
Hypotrachyna addita
Hypotrachyna adjuncta
Hypotrachyna afrorevoluta
Hypotrachyna aurulenta
Hypotrachyna baguioensis
Hypotrachyna booralensis
Hypotrachyna brevirhiza
Hypotrachyna britannica
Hypotrachyna costaricensis
Hypotrachyna dahlii
Hypotrachyna degelii
Hypotrachyna endochlora
Hypotrachyna exsecta
Hypotrachyna formosana
Hypotrachyna heterochroa
Hypotrachyna horrescens
Hypotrachyna imbricatula
Hypotrachyna immaculata
Hypotrachyna laevigata
Hypotrachyna lividescens
Hypotrachyna minarum
Hypotrachyna novella
Hypotrachyna orientalis
Hypotrachyna osseoalba
Hypotrachyna proserpinensis
Hypotrachyna radiculata
Hypotrachyna reducens
Hypotrachyna revoluta
Hypotrachyna sinuosa
Hypotrachyna spumosa
Hypotrachyna subfatiscens
Hypotrachyna subpustulifera
Hypotrachyna taylorensis

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