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28 definitions found for Gyrophora

Gyrophora belongs to:

Gyrophora consists of:
Gyrophora anthracina
Gyrophora arctica
Gyrophora cirrhosa
Gyrophora crinita
Gyrophora crustulosa
Gyrophora cylindrica
Gyrophora decussata
Gyrophora depressa var. hirsuta
Gyrophora deusta
Gyrophora erosa
Gyrophora flocculosa
Gyrophora glabra
Gyrophora grisea
Gyrophora hirsuta
Gyrophora hyperborea
Gyrophora luxurians
Gyrophora murina
Gyrophora nylanderiana
Gyrophora pellita
Gyrophora polyphylla
Gyrophora polyrrhiza
Gyrophora proboscidea
Gyrophora pustulata
Gyrophora spodochroa
Gyrophora subglabra
Gyrophora tornata
Gyrophora torrefacta

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