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145 definitions found for Graphis

Graphis belongs to:

Graphis consists of:
Graphis abbreviata
Graphis abietina
Graphis acharii
Graphis afzelii
Graphis albida
Graphis albissima
Graphis albonitens
Graphis alborosella
Graphis alboscripta
Graphis anfractuosa
Graphis anguina
Graphis angustata
Graphis apertella
Graphis aquilonia
Graphis assimilis
Graphis atra
Graphis atra var. astroidea
Graphis britannica
Graphis caesiopruinosa
Graphis caesioradians
Graphis catherinae
Graphis centrifuga
Graphis cerasi
Graphis chrysenteron
Graphis circumfusa
Graphis colliculosa
Graphis comparilis
Graphis contexta
Graphis crassilabra
Graphis dendritica
Graphis descissa
Graphis desquamescens
Graphis dumastii
Graphis duplicata var. duplicata
Graphis elaeina
Graphis elegans
Graphis elixii
Graphis emersa
Graphis endoxantha
Graphis epimelaena
Graphis exilior
Graphis fissofurcata
Graphis fusisporella
Graphis glauca
Graphis glaucoderma
Graphis glyphiza
Graphis gracilescens
Graphis gyridia
Graphis gyrocarpa
Graphis herpetica
Graphis hiascens
Graphis hologlauca
Graphis howeana
Graphis immersella
Graphis immersicans
Graphis inamoena
Graphis insidiosa
Graphis intricata
Graphis inusta
Graphis inustula
Graphis involuta
Graphis kakaduensis
Graphis labyrinthica
Graphis laevigata
Graphis leiogrammodes
Graphis leprocarpa
Graphis leptocarpa
Graphis leptoclada
Graphis librata
Graphis lineola
Graphis lithyrga
Graphis lobata
Graphis lyellii
Graphis madeirensis
Graphis malacodes
Graphis marcescens
Graphis medusula
Graphis mendax
Graphis montagnei
Graphis mucronata
Graphis nigririmis var. nigririmis
Graphis nitida
Graphis notha
Graphis pallido-ochracea
Graphis parallela
Graphis persulcata
Graphis pertenella
Graphis peruviana
Graphis pervarians
Graphis petraea
Graphis petrina
Graphis platyleuca
Graphis polyclades
Graphis polyrrhiza
Graphis propinqua
Graphis prosodea
Graphis pruninosa
Graphis pulverulenta
Graphis ramificans
Graphis rimulosa var. rimulosa
Graphis rubella
Graphis ruiziana
Graphis saxatilis
Graphis sayeri
Graphis scaphella var. gemella
Graphis scripta
Graphis semiaperta
Graphis serpentina
Graphis simulans
Graphis sinensigrapha
Graphis smithii var. macularis
Graphis sophistica
Graphis spathea
Graphis stenocarpa
Graphis stenotera
Graphis streimannii
Graphis striatula
Graphis striatula var. striatula
Graphis subcontexta
Graphis subintricata
Graphis subinusta
Graphis subregularis
Graphis subtenella
Graphis subvelata
Graphis supracola
Graphis tenella
Graphis treubii
Graphis turgidula var. turgidula
Graphis underwoodae
Graphis varia
Graphis vermifera
Graphis vinosa
Graphis viridis
Graphis vulgata
Graphis wilsoniana
Graphis xanthospora

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