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58 definitions found for Graphina

Graphina belongs to:

Graphina consists of:
Graphina abdita
Graphina acharii
Graphina anguina
Graphina aquilonia
Graphina atramontana
Graphina atrocelata
Graphina atronitens
Graphina borealis
Graphina boweniana
Graphina caesioradians
Graphina celata
Graphina colliculosa
Graphina contexta
Graphina contorta
Graphina daintreensis
Graphina egenella
Graphina elaiocarpa
Graphina fissofurcata
Graphina glaucoderma
Graphina gracilescens
Graphina gyridia
Graphina hartmanniana
Graphina hiascens
Graphina hologlauca
Graphina incisa
Graphina inustula
Graphina laevigata
Graphina leprocarpa
Graphina lumbschii var. deficiens
Graphina lumbschii var. lumbschii
Graphina marcescens
Graphina mendax
Graphina montagnei
Graphina montoensis
Graphina nitida
Graphina nothofagi
Graphina pallido-ochracea
Graphina palmicola
Graphina pauciloculata
Graphina pertenella
Graphina platycarpa var. platycarpa
Graphina platyleuca
Graphina polyclades
Graphina psoromica
Graphina radicicola
Graphina repleta var. repleta
Graphina rufopruinosa
Graphina ruiziana
Graphina salazinica
Graphina saxicola
Graphina simulans
Graphina sophistica
Graphina subaggregans
Graphina subtartarea
Graphina subvelata
Graphina tenuirima

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