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24 definitions found for Glyphis

Glyphis belongs to:

Glyphis consists of:
Glyphis cicatricosa var. cicatricosa
Glyphis cicatricosa var. confluens
Glyphis colliculosa
Glyphis confluens
Glyphis cribrosa
Glyphis cyclospora
Glyphis favulosa var. depauperata
Glyphis favulosa var. intermedia
Glyphis gangeticus
Glyphis glaucus
Glyphis glyphis
Glyphis gyrizans
Glyphis kirtoniana
Glyphis labryrinthica
Glyphis labyrinthica
Glyphis medusulina
Glyphis montoensis
Glyphis scyphulifera
Glyphis siamensis
Glyphis verruculosa

[en] English:
River Sharks

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