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28 definitions found for Fulvifomes

Fulvifomes belongs to:

Fulvifomes consists of:
Fulvifomes allardii
Fulvifomes cedrelae
Fulvifomes cinchonensis
Fulvifomes demidoffii
Fulvifomes dependens
Fulvifomes extensum
Fulvifomes fastuosus
Fulvifomes grenadensis
Fulvifomes hydrophilus
Fulvifomes jamaicensis
Fulvifomes kawakamii
Fulvifomes linteus
Fulvifomes melleicinctus
Fulvifomes nilgheriensis
Fulvifomes pectinatus
Fulvifomes pseudosenex
Fulvifomes rimosus
Fulvifomes robiniae
Fulvifomes sanjanii
Fulvifomes sarcites
Fulvifomes sublinteus
Fulvifomes subpectinatus
Fulvifomes swieteniae
Fulvifomes troyanus
Fulvifomes underwoodii
Fulvifomes yucatanensis

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