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21 definitions found for Flabellophora

Flabellophora belongs to:

Flabellophora consists of:
Flabellophora aurantiaca
Flabellophora brevipes
Flabellophora cervinogilvum
Flabellophora deceptiva
Flabellophora flaviporus
Flabellophora inconspicua
Flabellophora intertexta
Flabellophora kinabaluensis
Flabellophora latiporus
Flabellophora nana
Flabellophora obovata
Flabellophora obtorta
Flabellophora ochracea
Flabellophora parva
Flabellophora squamosa
Flabellophora subsimplex
Flabellophora superposita
Flabellophora variabilis
Flabellophora velutinosa

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