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32 definitions found for Fissurina

Fissurina belongs to:

Fissurina consists of:
Fissurina agassizi
Fissurina alboscripta
Fissurina annectens
Fissurina bradyi
Fissurina castanea
Fissurina clathrata
Fissurina colliculosa
Fissurina comparilis
Fissurina cucurbitasema
Fissurina dumastii
Fissurina fasciata
Fissurina flinti
Fissurina flintiana
Fissurina glauca
Fissurina goreaui
Fissurina insidiosa
Fissurina lacunata
Fissurina lagenoides
Fissurina lucida
Fissurina marginata
Fissurina margino-perforata
Fissurina milletti
Fissurina orbignyana
Fissurina pellucida
Fissurina pulchella
Fissurina radiata-arcuata
Fissurina radiato-marginata
Fissurina subcontexta
Fissurina submarginata

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