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39 definitions found for Exobasidium

Exobasidium belongs to:

Exobasidium consists of:
Exobasidium andromedae
Exobasidium angustisporum
Exobasidium arescens
Exobasidium azaleae
Exobasidium bisporum
Exobasidium camelliae
Exobasidium caucasicum
Exobasidium cylindrosporum
Exobasidium decolorans
Exobasidium dubium
Exobasidium expansum
Exobasidium gracile
Exobasidium graminicola
Exobasidium japonicum
Exobasidium juelianum
Exobasidium karstenii
Exobasidium lauri
Exobasidium magnusii
Exobasidium myrtilli
Exobasidium oxycocci
Exobasidium pachysporum
Exobasidium pieridis-ovalifoliae
Exobasidium reticulatum
Exobasidium rhododendri
Exobasidium rostrupii
Exobasidium shiraianum
Exobasidium splendidum
Exobasidium sydowianum
Exobasidium symploci-japonicae
Exobasidium unedonis
Exobasidium vaccinii
Exobasidium vaccinii-myrtilli
Exobasidium vexans
Exobasidium vitis
Exobasidium warmingii
Exobasidium yoshinagai

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