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22 definitions found for Entylomella

Entylomella belongs to:

Entylomella consists of:
Entylomella alismacearum
Entylomella aquatilis
Entylomella armoraciae
Entylomella bellidis
Entylomella chrysospleni
Entylomella cratophila
Entylomella dahliae
Entylomella eburnea
Entylomella ficariae
Entylomella fusca
Entylomella gibba
Entylomella helosciadii-repentis
Entylomella microsporum
Entylomella microstigma
Entylomella pygmaea
Entylomella ranunculi
Entylomella serotina
Entylomella trailii
Entylomella variabilis

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