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50 definitions found for Entyloma

Entyloma belongs to:

Entyloma consists of:
Entyloma achilleae
Entyloma arnoseridis
Entyloma bellidis
Entyloma bicolor
Entyloma brefeldii
Entyloma calendulae
Entyloma callitriches
Entyloma canescens
Entyloma chrysosplenii
Entyloma compositarum
Entyloma crastophilum
Entyloma dactylidis
Entyloma dahliae
Entyloma endogenum
Entyloma eryngii
Entyloma fergussonii
Entyloma ficariae
Entyloma fluitans
Entyloma fuscum
Entyloma gaillardianum
Entyloma globigenum
Entyloma helosciadii
Entyloma henningsianum
Entyloma hieracii
Entyloma holci
Entyloma hottoniae
Entyloma irregulare
Entyloma limosellae
Entyloma linariae
Entyloma lineatum
Entyloma matricariae
Entyloma microsporum
Entyloma nymphaeae
Entyloma oreochloae
Entyloma oryzae
Entyloma ossifragi
Entyloma ranunculi
Entyloma ranunculi-repentis
Entyloma serotinum
Entyloma sparganii
Entyloma thirumalacharii
Entyloma trailii
Entyloma ungerianum
Entyloma veronicae
Entyloma veronicicola

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