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23 definitions found for Dicaeoma

Dicaeoma belongs to:

Dicaeoma consists of:
Dicaeoma adoxae
Dicaeoma anomalum
Dicaeoma anthistiriae
Dicaeoma antirrhini
Dicaeoma asparagi
Dicaeoma dioicae
Dicaeoma glumarum
Dicaeoma holcinum
Dicaeoma hordei
Dicaeoma kusanoi
Dicaeoma moliniae
Dicaeoma noli-tangere
Dicaeoma periclymeni
Dicaeoma polygoni-amphibii
Dicaeoma polygoni-vivipari
Dicaeoma polysorum
Dicaeoma prunicolor
Dicaeoma purpureum
Dicaeoma rufipes
Dicaeoma silvaticum
Dicaeoma sorghi
Dicaeoma zoysiae

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