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37 definitions found for Diatoma

Diatoma belongs to:

Diatoma consists of:
Diatoma anceps
Diatoma anceps linearis
Diatoma anomalum
Diatoma arcuatum
Diatoma auritum
Diatoma costata
Diatoma crystallinum
Diatoma ehrenbergii
Diatoma elongata f. curta
Diatoma elongata var. actinastroides
Diatoma elongata var. subsalsa
Diatoma elongatum
Diatoma elongatum pachycephala
Diatoma fasciculatum
Diatoma fenestratum
Diatoma gracillima
Diatoma grande
Diatoma hiemale
Diatoma hyalinum
Diatoma hyemale
Diatoma marinum
Diatoma mesodon
Diatoma minima
Diatoma minimum
Diatoma moniliforme
Diatoma moniliformis
Diatoma obliquatum
Diatoma ochridana
Diatoma problematica
Diatoma rhombica
Diatoma tabulatum
Diatoma tenue
Diatoma tenuevar pachycephala
Diatoma vitrea
Diatoma vulgare
Diatoma vulgaris

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