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63 definitions found for Dermocarpa

Dermocarpa belongs to:

Dermocarpa consists of:
Dermocarpa acervata
Dermocarpa aquae-dulcis
Dermocarpa biscayensis
Dermocarpa cavanillesiana
Dermocarpa chaetomorphae
Dermocarpa chamaesiphonoides
Dermocarpa cladophorae
Dermocarpa clavata
Dermocarpa cuspidata
Dermocarpa depressa
Dermocarpa elliptica
Dermocarpa enteromorphae
Dermocarpa farlowii
Dermocarpa flahaultii
Dermocarpa fossae
Dermocarpa fucicola
Dermocarpa gaditana
Dermocarpa gardneriana
Dermocarpa hemisphaerica
Dermocarpa hollenbergii
Dermocarpa incrassata
Dermocarpa incrustans
Dermocarpa kerneri
Dermocarpa laysanensis
Dermocarpa leibleiniae
Dermocarpa marchantae
Dermocarpa minima
Dermocarpa minuta
Dermocarpa olivacea
Dermocarpa orbicularis
Dermocarpa pacifica
Dermocarpa parva
Dermocarpa plectonematis
Dermocarpa prasina
Dermocarpa prasinia
Dermocarpa protea
Dermocarpa pseudoxenococcoides
Dermocarpa pyriformis
Dermocarpa reinschii
Dermocarpa rosea
Dermocarpa rostrata
Dermocarpa schousboei
Dermocarpa setchellii
Dermocarpa simulans
Dermocarpa smaragdina
Dermocarpa solheimii
Dermocarpa solitaria
Dermocarpa sorediformis
Dermocarpa spaerica var. galapagensis
Dermocarpa sphaerica
Dermocarpa sphaeroidea
Dermocarpa strangulata
Dermocarpa sublitoralis
Dermocarpa suecica
Dermocarpa suffulta
Dermocarpa swirenkoi
Dermocarpa valiae-allorgei
Dermocarpa versicolor
Dermocarpa vickersiae
Dermocarpa violacea
Dermocarpa willei
Dermocarpa xenococcoides

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