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109 definitions found for Cyphella

Cyphella belongs to:

Cyphella consists of:
Cyphella abieticola
Cyphella albocarnea
Cyphella alboviolascens
Cyphella amorpha
Cyphella ampla
Cyphella anomala
Cyphella applanata
Cyphella arachnoidea
Cyphella australis
Cyphella bakeriana
Cyphella bananae
Cyphella bloxamii
Cyphella bresadolae
Cyphella brunnea
Cyphella candida
Cyphella capula
Cyphella chusqueae
Cyphella citrispora
Cyphella cochlearis
Cyphella confusa
Cyphella conglobata
Cyphella crateriformis
Cyphella curreyi
Cyphella cyclas
Cyphella densa
Cyphella digitalis
Cyphella dochmiospora
Cyphella endophila
Cyphella epileuca
Cyphella epileucina
Cyphella eruciformis
Cyphella faginea
Cyphella farinacea
Cyphella ferruginea
Cyphella filicicola
Cyphella filicina
Cyphella flocculenta
Cyphella fraxinicola
Cyphella friesii
Cyphella fulva
Cyphella fulvofusca
Cyphella fuscospora
Cyphella galeata
Cyphella gayana
Cyphella goldbachii
Cyphella grisella
Cyphella hibisci
Cyphella inconspicua
Cyphella jancheni
Cyphella kavinae
Cyphella lactea
Cyphella laeta
Cyphella laevis
Cyphella langloisii
Cyphella leochroma
Cyphella libertiana
Cyphella lilacina
Cyphella longipes
Cyphella mairei
Cyphella minutissima
Cyphella monacha
Cyphella musae
Cyphella muscicola
Cyphella muscicola d neckerae
Cyphella muscigena
Cyphella neckerae
Cyphella niveola
Cyphella ochroleuca
Cyphella orthospora
Cyphella pallida
Cyphella palmarum
Cyphella pelargonii
Cyphella pendula
Cyphella pimii
Cyphella poriaeformis
Cyphella poriformis
Cyphella pruinosa
Cyphella pseudovillosa
Cyphella pteridophila
Cyphella puiggarii
Cyphella pulchra
Cyphella punctiformis
Cyphella punctoidea
Cyphella rubi
Cyphella stictoidea
Cyphella stuppea
Cyphella subceracea
Cyphella sulphurea
Cyphella tabacina
Cyphella tephroleuca
Cyphella theiacantha
Cyphella urbanii
Cyphella variolosa
Cyphella velenovskyi
Cyphella versicolor
Cyphella villosa
Cyphella vitellina
Cyphella zelandica

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