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44 definitions found for Coryne

Coryne belongs to:

Coryne consists of:
Coryne albida
Coryne angulata
Coryne aquatica
Coryne atrovirens
Coryne brachiata
Coryne brevicornis
Coryne caespes
Coryne clavata
Coryne corrugata
Coryne crassa
Coryne cylichnium
Coryne dubia
Coryne epizoica
Coryne eximia
Coryne ferox
Coryne filiformis
Coryne foliacea
Coryne fructicosa
Coryne fucicola
Coryne graeffei
Coryne heroni
Coryne hincksi
Coryne longicornis
Coryne muscoides
Coryne nutans
Coryne pintneri
Coryne principes
Coryne purpurea
Coryne pusilla
Coryne sagamiensis
Coryne sarcoides
Coryne sargassicola
Coryne solitaria
Coryne tenella
Coryne tricycla
Coryne tubulosa
Coryne turbinata
Coryne turficola
Coryne uchidai
Coryne urnalis
Coryne vaginata
Coryne vanbenedeni

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