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119 definitions found for Cocconeis

Cocconeis belongs to:

Cocconeis consists of:
Cocconeis ambigua var. californica
Cocconeis amphiceros
Cocconeis amygdalina
Cocconeis archeri
Cocconeis biflexa
Cocconeis binotata
Cocconeis brevicostata
Cocconeis britannica
Cocconeis brittanica
Cocconeis californica
Cocconeis capensis
Cocconeis caribensis
Cocconeis cataractarum
Cocconeis ceticola
Cocconeis cetiola
Cocconeis clandestina
Cocconeis clypeus
Cocconeis confusa
Cocconeis costata
Cocconeis curvatulus
Cocconeis cyclophora
Cocconeis danica
Cocconeis delalineata
Cocconeis delapunctata
Cocconeis depressa
Cocconeis diaphana
Cocconeis diminuta
Cocconeis dirupta
Cocconeis diruptoides
Cocconeis disculoides
Cocconeis disculus
Cocconeis distans
Cocconeis diversa
Cocconeis egena
Cocconeis egregia
Cocconeis elongata
Cocconeis euglypta
Cocconeis excentrica
Cocconeis finnica
Cocconeis flexella
Cocconeis flexilis
Cocconeis flexulla
Cocconeis fluminensis
Cocconeis fluviatilis
Cocconeis granulifera
Cocconeis grata
Cocconeis grevillei
Cocconeis guttata
Cocconeis hauniensis
Cocconeis hustedtii
Cocconeis intermedia
Cocconeis inusitatus
Cocconeis irregularis
Cocconeis japonica
Cocconeis klamathensis
Cocconeis krammeri
Cocconeis lineata
Cocconeis lineolata
Cocconeis lyra
Cocconeis magnifica
Cocconeis maxima
Cocconeis microscopica
Cocconeis minuta
Cocconeis molesta var. amygdalina
Cocconeis molesta var. crucifera
Cocconeis molesta var. molesta
Cocconeis multiperforata
Cocconeis neocaledonica
Cocconeis neodiminuta
Cocconeis neothumensis
Cocconeis nitida
Cocconeis nodulifera
Cocconeis norvegica
Cocconeis notata
Cocconeis ornata
Cocconeis pacifica
Cocconeis parthenopaea
Cocconeis patrickiae
Cocconeis pediculus
Cocconeis pellucida
Cocconeis pelta
Cocconeis peltoides
Cocconeis pinnata
Cocconeis placentula
Cocconeis placentuloides
Cocconeis pseudomarginata
Cocconeis pseudothumensis
Cocconeis pumila
Cocconeis punctata
Cocconeis quadratarea
Cocconeis quarnerensis
Cocconeis regalis
Cocconeis rhombea
Cocconeis rhombus
Cocconeis rouxii
Cocconeis rugosa
Cocconeis sancti-paulii
Cocconeis scutelliformis
Cocconeis scutellum
Cocconeis sedimentaria
Cocconeis semiaperta
Cocconeis skvortzowii
Cocconeis speciosa
Cocconeis splendida
Cocconeis stauroneiformis
Cocconeis sublittoralis
Cocconeis tenuis
Cocconeis theinemannii
Cocconeis therezienii
Cocconeis thienemannii
Cocconeis thomasiana
Cocconeis thumensis
Cocconeis thwaitesii
Cocconeis transversalis
Cocconeis utermoehlii
Cocconeis utermohlii
Cocconeis vanheurcki
Cocconeis wrightii

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