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40 definitions found for Cistella

Cistella belongs to:

Cistella consists of:
Cistella acuum
Cistella atenuipilus
Cistella caricis
Cistella citrina
Cistella coarctata
Cistella crassipila
Cistella deflexa
Cistella dentata
Cistella fugiens
Cistella geelmuydenii
Cistella graminicola
Cistella granulosella
Cistella grevillei
Cistella hoehnelii
Cistella hungarica
Cistella hymeniophila
Cistella hymenophylli
Cistella incrustata
Cistella lagenipilus
Cistella laricina
Cistella luzulina
Cistella mali
Cistella microspora
Cistella perparvula
Cistella piceae
Cistella piceae var. laricina
Cistella piceae var. laricinum
Cistella pinicola
Cistella rubescens
Cistella spicicola
Cistella stereicola
Cistella tapesioides
Cistella tenuicula
Cistella teucrii
Cistella trabinella

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