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40 definitions found for Chiodecton

Chiodecton belongs to:

Chiodecton consists of:
Chiodecton acarosporoides
Chiodecton albidum
Chiodecton bambusae
Chiodecton boschianum
Chiodecton capense
Chiodecton colensoi
Chiodecton congestulum
Chiodecton crassum
Chiodecton dendriticum
Chiodecton divergens
Chiodecton effusum
Chiodecton farinaceum
Chiodecton flavovirens
Chiodecton graphidioides
Chiodecton heterogenum
Chiodecton hutchinsiae
Chiodecton kurzii
Chiodecton leptosporum
Chiodecton leptothallum
Chiodecton macquariense
Chiodecton maculatum
Chiodecton malacum
Chiodecton montanum
Chiodecton mycelioides
Chiodecton myrticola
Chiodecton pericleum
Chiodecton petraeum
Chiodecton quassiaecola
Chiodecton queenslandiae
Chiodecton sanguineum
Chiodecton sphaerale
Chiodecton stictathecium
Chiodecton subdiscordans
Chiodecton sublaevigatum
Chiodecton venosum

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