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51 definitions found for Chalara

Chalara belongs to:

Chalara consists of:
Chalara affinis
Chalara africana
Chalara angustata
Chalara aotearoa
Chalara aspera
Chalara aurea
Chalara austriaca
Chalara brevipes
Chalara brevispora
Chalara bulbosa
Chalara cladii
Chalara constricta
Chalara crassipes
Chalara cylindrica
Chalara cylindrosperma
Chalara dennisii
Chalara elegans
Chalara ellisii
Chalara fungorum
Chalara fusidioides
Chalara hughesii
Chalara hyalina
Chalara inflatipes
Chalara insignis
Chalara kendrickii
Chalara laevis
Chalara longipes
Chalara longissima
Chalara microchona
Chalara microspora
Chalara neocaledoniae
Chalara novae-zelandiae
Chalara ovoidea
Chalara paradoxa
Chalara parvispora
Chalara phaeospora
Chalara populi
Chalara pteridina
Chalara quercina
Chalara ramosa
Chalara rhynchophialis
Chalara sessilis
Chalara setosa
Chalara spiralis
Chalara thielavioides
Chalara tubifera
Chalara ungeri
Chalara urceolata
Chalara vaccinii

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