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41 definitions found for Chaenotheca

Chaenotheca belongs to:

Chaenotheca consists of:
Chaenotheca acicularis
Chaenotheca aeruginosa
Chaenotheca arenaria
Chaenotheca brachypoda
Chaenotheca brunneola
Chaenotheca carthusiae
Chaenotheca chlorella
Chaenotheca chrysocephala
Chaenotheca cinerea
Chaenotheca citriocephala
Chaenotheca confusa
Chaenotheca coniophaea
Chaenotheca degelii
Chaenotheca deludens
Chaenotheca disseminata
Chaenotheca domingensis
Chaenotheca elassospora
Chaenotheca ferruginea
Chaenotheca furfuracea
Chaenotheca gracilenta
Chaenotheca gracillima
Chaenotheca hispidula
Chaenotheca laevigata
Chaenotheca melanophaea
Chaenotheca pallida
Chaenotheca parietina
Chaenotheca phaeocephala
Chaenotheca praecedens
Chaenotheca roscidum
Chaenotheca savonica
Chaenotheca stemonea
Chaenotheca subroscida
Chaenotheca sulphurea
Chaenotheca trabinella
Chaenotheca trichialis
Chaenotheca xyloxena

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