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29 definitions found for Cerrena

Cerrena belongs to:

Cerrena consists of:
Cerrena byrsina
Cerrena caperata
Cerrena cinerea
Cerrena consors
Cerrena cystidiata
Cerrena fulvocinerea
Cerrena gallica
Cerrena hydnoides
Cerrena leonina
Cerrena maxima
Cerrena meyenii
Cerrena mollis
Cerrena nigrocinerea
Cerrena occidentalis
Cerrena papyracea
Cerrena portoricensis
Cerrena rigida
Cerrena sclerodepsis
Cerrena stereoides
Cerrena subglabrescens
Cerrena taylorii
Cerrena trogii
Cerrena unicolor
Cerrena vibratilis
Cerrena villosa
Cerrena vittata

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