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42 definitions found for Cellularia

Cellularia belongs to:

Cellularia consists of:
Cellularia abietina
Cellularia acuta
Cellularia albida
Cellularia alutacea
Cellularia articulata
Cellularia beckleri
Cellularia betulina
Cellularia bifasciata
Cellularia cinnamomea
Cellularia endophaea
Cellularia erubescens
Cellularia faventina
Cellularia flaccida
Cellularia guilfoylei
Cellularia heteromorpha
Cellularia hirsuta
Cellularia hirsutus
Cellularia interrupta
Cellularia junghuhnii
Cellularia marginata
Cellularia mexicana
Cellularia murina
Cellularia ochrophylla
Cellularia peachi
Cellularia pinastri
Cellularia protracta
Cellularia repanda
Cellularia rhabarbarina
Cellularia sorbina
Cellularia striata
Cellularia subferruginea
Cellularia ternata
Cellularia trabea
Cellularia tricolor
Cellularia umbrina
Cellularia vialis
Cellularia warnieri

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