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36 definitions found for Candelariella

Candelariella belongs to:

Candelariella consists of:
Candelariella antennaria
Candelariella arctica
Candelariella athallina
Candelariella aurella
Candelariella canadensis
Candelariella citrina
Candelariella coralliza
Candelariella deflexa
Candelariella dispersa
Candelariella efflorescens
Candelariella epixantha
Candelariella flavovirella
Candelariella heidelbergensis
Candelariella holophaea
Candelariella leucospeirea
Candelariella lutella
Candelariella luteoalba
Candelariella medians
Candelariella placodizans
Candelariella plumbea
Candelariella reflexa
Candelariella rosulans
Candelariella spodomela
Candelariella spraguei
Candelariella stenospora
Candelariella subdeflexa
Candelariella submexicana
Candelariella superdistans
Candelariella terrigena
Candelariella vitellina
Candelariella xanthostigma
Candelariella xanthostigmoides

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