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27 definitions found for Calycellina

Calycellina belongs to:

Calycellina consists of:
Calycellina alniella
Calycellina araneocincta
Calycellina asperipila
Calycellina calycelloides
Calycellina caricina
Calycellina chlorinella
Calycellina citricola
Calycellina flaveola
Calycellina foliicola
Calycellina indumenticola
Calycellina juniperina
Calycellina lachnobrachya
Calycellina leucella
Calycellina microspis
Calycellina myriadea
Calycellina ochracea
Calycellina phalaridis
Calycellina populina
Calycellina pseudopuberula
Calycellina punctata
Calycellina punctiformis
Calycellina rivelinensis
Calycellina spiraeae
Calycellina triseptata
Calycellina ulmariae

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