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44 definitions found for Bjerkandera

Bjerkandera belongs to:

Bjerkandera consists of:
Bjerkandera acricula
Bjerkandera adusta
Bjerkandera adusta f. cinerata
Bjerkandera alborosea
Bjerkandera albostygia
Bjerkandera amorpha
Bjerkandera biformis
Bjerkandera borealis
Bjerkandera caesia
Bjerkandera chionea
Bjerkandera ciliatula
Bjerkandera cinerata
Bjerkandera colliculosa
Bjerkandera dichroa
Bjerkandera fragilis
Bjerkandera fragrans
Bjerkandera fumosa
Bjerkandera holmiensis
Bjerkandera irpicoides
Bjerkandera kymatodes
Bjerkandera lactea
Bjerkandera melina
Bjerkandera mollis
Bjerkandera mollusca
Bjerkandera pallescens
Bjerkandera puberula
Bjerkandera pubescens
Bjerkandera ramentacea
Bjerkandera roseomaculata
Bjerkandera scanica
Bjerkandera simulans
Bjerkandera spumea
Bjerkandera squalens
Bjerkandera stiptica
Bjerkandera subsericella
Bjerkandera velutinus
Bjerkandera versicolor
Bjerkandera weinmannii
Bjerkandera zonata

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