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81 definitions found for Amauroderma

Amauroderma belongs to:

Amauroderma consists of:
Amauroderma amoiense
Amauroderma asperulatum
Amauroderma atrum
Amauroderma auriscalpium
Amauroderma austrosinense
Amauroderma avellaneum
Amauroderma bataanense
Amauroderma boleticeum
Amauroderma brittonii
Amauroderma buloloi
Amauroderma calcigenus
Amauroderma chaperi
Amauroderma clemensiae
Amauroderma coffeatum
Amauroderma confragosum
Amauroderma congregatum
Amauroderma conicum
Amauroderma conjunctum
Amauroderma costatum
Amauroderma dayaoshanense
Amauroderma dubiopansum
Amauroderma ealaense
Amauroderma elmerianum
Amauroderma exile
Amauroderma expallens
Amauroderma flaviporum
Amauroderma fujianense
Amauroderma fuscoporia
Amauroderma guangxiense
Amauroderma gusmanianum
Amauroderma heteromorphum
Amauroderma infundibuliforme
Amauroderma insulare
Amauroderma intermedium
Amauroderma jiangxiense
Amauroderma juxtarugosum
Amauroderma kwiluense
Amauroderma leptopus
Amauroderma leucosporum
Amauroderma lloydii
Amauroderma longgangense
Amauroderma longipes
Amauroderma macrosporum
Amauroderma macrum
Amauroderma malesianum
Amauroderma miquelianum
Amauroderma mosselmanii
Amauroderma ocellatum
Amauroderma papillatum
Amauroderma parasiticum
Amauroderma partitum
Amauroderma perplexum
Amauroderma praetervisum
Amauroderma preussii
Amauroderma pseudoboletus
Amauroderma pudens
Amauroderma pullatum
Amauroderma ramosii
Amauroderma regulicolor
Amauroderma renatum
Amauroderma renidens
Amauroderma rubeolum
Amauroderma rude
Amauroderma rugosum
Amauroderma salebrosum
Amauroderma salisburiense
Amauroderma schomburgkii
Amauroderma scopulosum
Amauroderma secedens
Amauroderma sikorae
Amauroderma solomonense
Amauroderma sprucei
Amauroderma subresinosum
Amauroderma subrugosum
Amauroderma torrendii
Amauroderma unilaterum
Amauroderma vansteenisii
Amauroderma wuzhishanense
Amauroderma zambesianum

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