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27 definitions found for sole

[en] English for
Ammotretis lituratus
Ammotretis rostratus
Arnoglossus capensis
Aseraggodes bahamondei
Austroglossus microlepis
Austroglossus pectoralis
Brachirus orientalis
Cynoglossus capensis
Cynoglossus semifasciatus
Cynoglossus zanzibarensis
Dicologlossa cuneata
Heteromycteris capensis
Paraplagusia bilineata
Pseudopleuronectes americanus
Solea solea
Solea vulgaris
Synaptura lusitanica lusitanica
Synaptura nigra
Trinectes fonsecensis
Trinectes paulistanus

[fr] French for
Achirus achirus
Achirus lineatus
Apionichthys dumerili
Cynoglossus senegalensis
Solea senegalensis
Solea solea
Trachinotus carolinus

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