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149 definitions found for cobitis

Cobitis belongs to:

Cobitis consists of:
Cobitis albicoloris
Cobitis anableps
Cobitis anguillicaudata
Cobitis arachthosensis
Cobitis aralensis
Cobitis arenae
Cobitis argyrogramma
Cobitis aurata
Cobitis balcanica
Cobitis balgara
Cobitis barbatula
Cobitis battalgili
Cobitis bilineata
Cobitis bilseli
Cobitis biwae
Cobitis botia
Cobitis boutanensis
Cobitis bulgarica
Cobitis calderoni
Cobitis caspia
Cobitis caucasica
Cobitis choii
Cobitis choirorhynchos
Cobitis chrysolaimos
Cobitis cincticauda
Cobitis cinnamomea
Cobitis conspersa
Cobitis corica
Cobitis dario
Cobitis delicata
Cobitis dolichorhynchus
Cobitis dorsalis
Cobitis elazigensis
Cobitis elongata
Cobitis elongatoides
Cobitis fahirae
Cobitis fasciata
Cobitis fossilis
Cobitis frenata
Cobitis fundulus
Cobitis furstenbergii
Cobitis galilaea
Cobitis geto
Cobitis gongota
Cobitis gonorynchus
Cobitis granoei
Cobitis guntea
Cobitis guttata
Cobitis haasi
Cobitis hangkugensis
Cobitis hasselti
Cobitis hellenica
Cobitis heteroclita
Cobitis hohenackeri
Cobitis hymenophysa
Cobitis insignis
Cobitis kellei
Cobitis koreensis
Cobitis kuhlii
Cobitis laoensis
Cobitis larvata
Cobitis laterimaculata
Cobitis lebedevi
Cobitis leopardus
Cobitis levantina
Cobitis linea
Cobitis longicauda
Cobitis longicorpus
Cobitis lutheri
Cobitis macracanthus
Cobitis macrochir
Cobitis macrostigma
Cobitis majalis
Cobitis malapterura
Cobitis marmorata
Cobitis maroccana
Cobitis marrocana
Cobitis matsubarae
Cobitis matsubarai
Cobitis megaspila
Cobitis melanoleuca
Cobitis merga
Cobitis meridionalis
Cobitis microps
Cobitis misgurnoides
Cobitis montana
Cobitis mooreh
Cobitis multifasciata
Cobitis oblonga
Cobitis octocirrhus
Cobitis pacifica
Cobitis paludica
Cobitis pangia
Cobitis panthera
Cobitis pavonacea
Cobitis persa
Cobitis peschevi
Cobitis pfeifferae
Cobitis pfeifferi
Cobitis puncticulata
Cobitis punctifer
Cobitis punctilineata
Cobitis rhodopensis
Cobitis romanica
Cobitis rossomeridionalis
Cobitis rotundicaudata
Cobitis rubidipinnis
Cobitis rueppelli
Cobitis satunini
Cobitis savona
Cobitis simplicispina
Cobitis sinensis
Cobitis spiloptera
Cobitis spilura
Cobitis splendens
Cobitis stephanidisi
Cobitis stolickai
Cobitis striata
Cobitis strumicae
Cobitis taenia
Cobitis taenioides
Cobitis takatsuensis
Cobitis tanaitica
Cobitis teania bilineata
Cobitis teania puta
Cobitis teania septa
Cobitis teania zanandreai
Cobitis tenuicauda
Cobitis tetralineata
Cobitis thermalis
Cobitis tigris
Cobitis toni
Cobitis trichonica
Cobitis turcica
Cobitis vardarensis
Cobitis variabilis
Cobitis vettonica
Cobitis vittata
Cobitis vittatus
Cobitis zebrata
Cobitis zonalternans

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