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171 definitions found for clarias

Clarias belongs to:

Clarias consists of:
Clarias abbreviatus
Clarias aboinensis
Clarias agboyensis
Clarias agboyiensis
Clarias albopunctatus
Clarias alluaudi
Clarias amplexicauda
Clarias anfractus
Clarias angolensis
Clarias anguillaris
Clarias assamensis
Clarias bathupogon
Clarias bathypogon
Clarias batrachus
Clarias batu
Clarias bithypogon
Clarias brachysoma
Clarias breviceps
Clarias brevinuchalis
Clarias brevior
Clarias budgetti
Clarias buettikoferi
Clarias bulumae
Clarias buthipogon
Clarias buthopogon
Clarias buthupogon
Clarias buthypogon
Clarias butupogon
Clarias bythipogon
Clarias cameronensis
Clarias camerunensis
Clarias capensis
Clarias carsoni
Clarias carsonii
Clarias cataractus
Clarias cavernicola
Clarias centralis
Clarias confluentus
Clarias congicus
Clarias curtus
Clarias dahomeyensis
Clarias dayi
Clarias depressus
Clarias dhonti
Clarias dialonensis
Clarias dolloi
Clarias dorsimarmoratus
Clarias duchaillui
Clarias dumerili
Clarias dumerilii
Clarias dussumieri
Clarias ebriensis
Clarias ekibondoi
Clarias engelseni
Clarias esamesae
Clarias eupogon
Clarias fouloni
Clarias foveolatus
Clarias fuscus
Clarias gabonensis
Clarias gariepinus
Clarias gilli
Clarias gracilis
Clarias guentheri
Clarias guineensis
Clarias hasselquistii
Clarias hilgendorfi
Clarias hilli
Clarias hollyi
Clarias insolitus
Clarias intermedius
Clarias isheriensis
Clarias jaensis
Clarias jagur
Clarias kapuasensis
Clarias kingsleyae
Clarias laeviceps
Clarias lamottei
Clarias laticeps
Clarias lazera
Clarias leiacanthus
Clarias liberiensis
Clarias lindicus
Clarias liocephalus
Clarias loangwensis
Clarias longibarbis
Clarias longicauda
Clarias longiceps
Clarias longior
Clarias lualae
Clarias maclareni
Clarias macracanthus
Clarias macrocephalus
Clarias macromystax
Clarias macrurus
Clarias magur
Clarias malaris
Clarias megapogon
Clarias meladerma
Clarias melandi
Clarias melanoderma
Clarias melanopogon
Clarias melanosoma
Clarias melas
Clarias melasoma
Clarias mellandi
Clarias microphthalmus
Clarias micropthalmus
Clarias microstomus
Clarias monkei
Clarias moorii
Clarias mossambicus
Clarias muelleri
Clarias nagamensis
Clarias nebulosus
Clarias neumanni
Clarias ngamensis
Clarias ngola
Clarias nieuhofi
Clarias nieuhofii
Clarias nigeriae
Clarias nigricans
Clarias nigromarmoratus
Clarias noensis
Clarias notozygurus
Clarias nyasensis
Clarias obscurus
Clarias olivaceus
Clarias ornatus
Clarias orontis
Clarias oxycephalus
Clarias pachynema
Clarias parvimanus
Clarias pentapterus
Clarias phillipsi
Clarias pietschmanni
Clarias planiceps
Clarias plathycephalus
Clarias platycephalus
Clarias poensis
Clarias prentissgrayi
Clarias pseudoleiacanthus
Clarias pseudonieuhofii
Clarias punctatus
Clarias robecchii
Clarias salae
Clarias senegalensis
Clarias smithii
Clarias stapersii
Clarias stappersi
Clarias stappersii
Clarias submarginatus
Clarias sulcatus
Clarias syriacus
Clarias teijsmanni
Clarias teysmanni
Clarias theodora
Clarias theodorae
Clarias tsanensis
Clarias uelensis
Clarias vandenhoutei
Clarias varispinis
Clarias vinciguerrae
Clarias walkeri
Clarias werneri
Clarias xenodon
Clarias youngicus
Clarias zygouron

[en] English:
Torpedo-shaped Catfishes
Walking Catfishes

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