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53 definitions found for chiloglanis

Chiloglanis belongs to:

Chiloglanis consists of:
Chiloglanis angolensis
Chiloglanis anoterus
Chiloglanis asymetricaudalis
Chiloglanis athiensis
Chiloglanis batesi
Chiloglanis batesii
Chiloglanis benuensis
Chiloglanis bifurcus
Chiloglanis brevibarbis
Chiloglanis brevibarbus
Chiloglanis cameronensis
Chiloglanis carnosus
Chiloglanis congicus
Chiloglanis deckenii
Chiloglanis disneyi
Chiloglanis dybowskii
Chiloglanis elisabethianus
Chiloglanis emarginatus
Chiloglanis engiops
Chiloglanis fasciatus
Chiloglanis harbinger
Chiloglanis kalambo
Chiloglanis lamottei
Chiloglanis lufirae
Chiloglanis lukugae
Chiloglanis macropterus
Chiloglanis marlieri
Chiloglanis mbozi
Chiloglanis micropogon
Chiloglanis microps
Chiloglanis modjensis
Chiloglanis neumanni
Chiloglanis niger
Chiloglanis niloticus
Chiloglanis normani
Chiloglanis occidentalis
Chiloglanis paratus
Chiloglanis pojeri
Chiloglanis polyodon
Chiloglanis polypogon
Chiloglanis pretoriae
Chiloglanis pumilus
Chiloglanis reticulatus
Chiloglanis rukwaensis
Chiloglanis ruziziensis
Chiloglanis sanagaensis
Chiloglanis sardinhai
Chiloglanis somereni
Chiloglanis swierstrai
Chiloglanis trilobatus
Chiloglanis voltae

[fr] French for
Chiloglanis cameronensis

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