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200 definitions found for Viola

Viola belongs to:

Viola consists of:
Viola cucullata
Viola cucullata var. microtitis
Viola cuneata
Viola dacica
Viola davisii
Viola dimissa
Viola discors
Viola dissena
Viola dissensa
Viola dissita
Viola douglasii
Viola dowelliana
Viola eamesii
Viola eclipes
Viola egglestonii
Viola egra
Viola elatior
Viola emarginata
Viola epipsela
Viola epipsila
Viola epipsiloides
Viola eriocarpon
Viola erratica
Viola esculenta
Viola falcata
Viola fernaldii
Viola festata
Viola filicetorum
Viola fimbriatula
Viola flettii
Viola floridana
Viola frank-smithii
Viola glabella
Viola greenei
Viola greenmani
Viola greenmanii
Viola guadalupensis
Viola hallii
Viola hastata
Viola hecata
Viola helena
Viola helenae
Viola heleniae var. lanaiensis
Viola hermione
Viola herse
Viola hirsutula
Viola hirta
Viola hollickii
Viola holmiana
Viola howellii
Viola incisa
Viola incognita
Viola insessa
Viola insolita
Viola ircutiana
Viola kauaensis
Viola kitaibeliana
Viola labradorica
Viola lanaiensis
Viola lanceolata
Viola lanceolata var. vittata
Viola langloisii
Viola langsdorffii
Viola langsdorfii
Viola latiuscula
Viola lavandulacea
Viola linearifolia
Viola linguifolia
Viola lithion
Viola littoralis
Viola lobata
Viola lobata lobata
Viola lobata ssp. psychodes
Viola lobata var. integrifolia
Viola lovelliana
Viola luciae
Viola lutea
Viola maccabeana
Viola macloskeyi
Viola macloskeyi var. pallens
Viola malteana
Viola mandschurica
Viola marylandica
Viola maviensis
Viola maviensis var. kohalana
Viola melissifolia
Viola milleri
Viola minor
Viola mirabilis
Viola missouriensis
Viola mistura
Viola modesta
Viola mollicula
Viola montana
Viola montanensis
Viola montivaga
Viola mulfordae
Viola mulfordiae
Viola napae
Viola nephrophylla
Viola nephrophylla nephrophylla
Viola nephrophylla var. arizonica
Viola nephrophylla var. cognata
Viola notabilis
Viola novae-angliae
Viola nuttallii
Viola nuttallii ssp. praemorsa
Viola nuttallii ssp. vallicola
Viola nuttallii var. bakeri
Viola nuttallii var. linguifolia
Viola nuttallii var. major
Viola nuttallii var. praemorsa
Viola nuttallii var. vallicola
Viola oahuensis
Viola obliqua
Viola occidentalis
Viola ocellata
Viola odorata
Viola olinda
Viola olla
Viola orbiculata
Viola oxyceras
Viola pallens
Viola palmata
Viola palmata palmata
Viola palmata var. dilatata
Viola palmata var. pedatifida
Viola palmata var. sororia
Viola palmata var. triloba
Viola palustris
Viola papilionacea
Viola parca
Viola patrinii
Viola peckiana
Viola pectinata
Viola pedata
Viola pedata var. concolor
Viola pedata var. lineariloba
Viola pedata var. ranunculifolia
Viola pedatifida
Viola pedatifida ssp. brittoniana
Viola pedunculata
Viola pensylvanica
Viola perpera
Viola pinetorum
Viola pinnata
Viola populifolia
Viola porterana
Viola porteriana
Viola praemorsa
Viola pratincola
Viola priceana
Viola primulifolia
Viola primulifolia ssp. occidentalis
Viola primulifolia ssp. villosa
Viola primulifolia var. acuta
Viola primulifolia var. villosa
Viola prionantha
Viola psychodes
Viola pubescens
Viola pubescens var. eriocarpon
Viola pubescens var. leiocarpon
Viola pumila
Viola purpurea
Viola purpurea ssp. atriplicifolia
Viola purpurea ssp. aurea
Viola purpurea ssp. xerophyta
Viola purpurea var. atriplicifolia
Viola purpurea var. aurea
Viola purpurea var. charlestonensis
Viola purpurea var. grisea
Viola purpurea var. pinetorum
Viola purpurea var. venosa
Viola quercetorum
Viola rafinesquei
Viola ravida
Viola redacta
Viola reichenbachiana
Viola renifolia
Viola renifolia renifolia
Viola renifolia var. brainerdii
Viola repens
Viola retusa
Viola riviniana
Viola robinsoniana
Viola robusta
Viola rosacea
Viola rostrata
Viola rotundifolia
Viola rugosa
Viola rugulosa
Viola rupestris
Viola russellii
Viola rydbergii
Viola ryoniae
Viola sagittata
Viola sagittata var. subsagittata
Viola selkirki

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