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200 definitions found for Valsa

Valsa belongs to:

Valsa consists of:
Valsa abietis
Valsa abnormis
Valsa abrupta
Valsa acerina
Valsa aceris
Valsa aculeans
Valsa aesculicola
Valsa aglaeostoma
Valsa ailanthi
Valsa albovelata
Valsa alnicola
Valsa alnifraga
Valsa ambiens
Valsa amphoraria
Valsa amygdalina
Valsa angulata
Valsa angustata
Valsa anomia
Valsa aspera
Valsa auerswaldii
Valsa aurea
Valsa beckhausii
Valsa betulina
Valsa biconica
Valsa bipapillata
Valsa bitorulosa
Valsa bloxamii
Valsa carpini
Valsa castanea
Valsa celtidis
Valsa cenisia
Valsa ceratophora
Valsa ceratosperma
Valsa cerviculata
Valsa ceuthospora
Valsa chrysostroma
Valsa cincta
Valsa cinctula
Valsa circumscripta
Valsa clethraecola
Valsa clypeata
Valsa compta
Valsa concamerata
Valsa conjuncta
Valsa controversa
Valsa cornicola
Valsa coronata
Valsa corylina
Valsa crataegi
Valsa crustata
Valsa curreyi
Valsa cypri
Valsa decedens
Valsa decorticans
Valsa detrusa
Valsa diatrypa
Valsa dissepta
Valsa dryina
Valsa echidna
Valsa enteroleuca
Valsa eugeniae
Valsa eunomia
Valsa eutypa
Valsa extensa
Valsa extensa var. rhamni
Valsa faginea
Valsa fenestrata
Valsa fibrosa
Valsa flavovirens
Valsa fragiformis
Valsa fraxini
Valsa friesii
Valsa fuckelii
Valsa fulvopruinata
Valsa furfuracea
Valsa fuscidula
Valsa galericulata
Valsa gastrinoides
Valsa germanica
Valsa glyptica
Valsa grandis
Valsa gregaria
Valsa hapalocystis
Valsa heteracantha
Valsa hippocastani
Valsa hoffmannii
Valsa horrida
Valsa hypodermia
Valsa impulsa
Valsa innesii
Valsa intermedia
Valsa intexta
Valsa japonica
Valsa juglandicola
Valsa kunzei
Valsa laevata
Valsa lageniformis
Valsa lata
Valsa laurocerasi
Valsa leioplaca
Valsa leiphaemia
Valsa leiphaemioides
Valsa leprosa
Valsa leucostoma
Valsa ligustri
Valsa longirostris
Valsa macrospora
Valsa mali
Valsa maura
Valsa mauroides
Valsa microspora
Valsa microstoma
Valsa millepunctata
Valsa milliaria
Valsa mulleriana
Valsa myriocarpa
Valsa neglecta
Valsa nigrifacta
Valsa nivea
Valsa notarisii
Valsa obscura
Valsa occulta
Valsa olivaestroma
Valsa oncostoma
Valsa operculata
Valsa opulina
Valsa oxyspora
Valsa oxystoma
Valsa parallela
Valsa parmularia
Valsa paulowniae
Valsa pauperata
Valsa persoonii
Valsa phlyctaenodes
Valsa phomospora
Valsa pini
Valsa platani
Valsa platanigera
Valsa platanoides
Valsa platanoidis
Valsa polyspora
Valsa populina
Valsa profusa
Valsa prorumpens
Valsa protracta
Valsa pruinosa
Valsa prunastri
Valsa pulchella
Valsa pulchra
Valsa punctata
Valsa pustulata
Valsa quaternata
Valsa querna
Valsa resecans
Valsa rhodi
Valsa rhodophila
Valsa rhois
Valsa robergeana
Valsa rosarum
Valsa salicina
Valsa salicis
Valsa scabrosa
Valsa schweinitzii
Valsa scoparia
Valsa sorbi
Valsa sorbicola
Valsa sordida
Valsa spinosa
Valsa stellulata
Valsa subseriata
Valsa subtecta
Valsa suffusa
Valsa syngenesia
Valsa syringae
Valsa taleola
Valsa tessella
Valsa tessera
Valsa tetraploa
Valsa tetratrupha
Valsa thelebola
Valsa tiliae
Valsa tiliaginea
Valsa tortuosa
Valsa translucens
Valsa tristicha
Valsa turgida
Valsa vibratilis

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