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138 definitions found for Urophora

Urophora belongs to:

Urophora consists of:
Urophora acompsa
Urophora acuticornis
Urophora adjacens
Urophora aerea
Urophora affinis
Urophora agnata
Urophora agromyzella
Urophora algira
Urophora anthropovi
Urophora antillarum
Urophora aprica
Urophora arctii
Urophora bajae
Urophora beikoi
Urophora bernhardi
Urophora bivittata
Urophora calcitrapae
Urophora campestris
Urophora cardui
Urophora caurina
Urophora chaetostoma
Urophora chejudoensis
Urophora chimborazonis
Urophora christophi
Urophora cilipennis
Urophora circumflava
Urophora claripennis
Urophora columbiana
Urophora conferta
Urophora congrua
Urophora connexa
Urophora cordillerana
Urophora coronata
Urophora cubana
Urophora cuspidata
Urophora cuzconis
Urophora digna
Urophora disjuncta
Urophora dysphanes
Urophora dzieduszyckii
Urophora egestata
Urophora emphanes
Urophora euryparia
Urophora eved
Urophora fasciata
Urophora fedotovae
Urophora flexuosa
Urophora formosa
Urophora formosana
Urophora fulvifrons
Urophora funebris
Urophora grindeliae
Urophora hemixantha
Urophora hermonis
Urophora hispanica
Urophora hodgesi
Urophora hoenei
Urophora iani
Urophora impicta
Urophora interrupta
Urophora ivannikovi
Urophora jaceana
Urophora jaculata
Urophora jamaicensis
Urophora japonica
Urophora kasachstanica
Urophora korneyevi
Urophora lejura
Urophora longicauda
Urophora lopholomae
Urophora mamarae
Urophora mandschurica
Urophora maura
Urophora mauritanica
Urophora melanocera
Urophora melanops
Urophora mexicana
Urophora misakiana
Urophora mora
Urophora neuenschwanderi
Urophora nigricornis
Urophora nigripes
Urophora pantomelas
Urophora paulensis
Urophora pauperata
Urophora petiolata
Urophora phalolepidis
Urophora pontica
Urophora quadrifasciata
Urophora quinquemaculata
Urophora regis
Urophora repeteki
Urophora ruficeps
Urophora rufipes
Urophora rufitarsis
Urophora sabroskyi
Urophora sachalinensis
Urophora sciadocousiniae
Urophora sejuncta
Urophora setosa
Urophora sexmaculata
Urophora shatalkini
Urophora simplex
Urophora sinica
Urophora sirunaseva
Urophora sogdiana
Urophora solaris
Urophora solstitialis
Urophora spatiosa
Urophora spilogaster
Urophora spoliata
Urophora stalker
Urophora stenoparia
Urophora stigma
Urophora stylata
Urophora syriaca
Urophora taeniata
Urophora tengritavica
Urophora tenuior
Urophora tenuis
Urophora terebrans
Urophora tessariae
Urophora testacea
Urophora timberlakei
Urophora townsendi
Urophora tresmilia
Urophora trinervii
Urophora trivirgulata
Urophora tsoii
Urophora unica
Urophora variabilis
Urophora vera
Urophora volkovae
Urophora wodzizkii
Urophora xanthippe
Urophora xanthogaster

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