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28 definitions found for Ulidia

Ulidia belongs to:

Ulidia consists of:
Ulidia albidipennis
Ulidia aperta
Ulidia atrata
Ulidia atrovirens
Ulidia bipunctata
Ulidia clausa
Ulidia erythrophthalma
Ulidia facialis
Ulidia fascialis
Ulidia fulvifrons
Ulidia kandybinae
Ulidia megacephala
Ulidia melampodia
Ulidia metallica
Ulidia nigricubitalis
Ulidia nigripennis
Ulidia nitens
Ulidia nitida
Ulidia omani
Ulidia parallela
Ulidia rubida
Ulidia ruficeps
Ulidia salonikensis
Ulidia semiopaca
Ulidia smaragdina
Ulidia splendida
Ulidia wadicola

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