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32 definitions found for Trichiura

Trichiura belongs to:

Trichiura consists of:
Trichiura albicans
Trichiura anatolica
Trichiura arbusculae
Trichiura ariae
Trichiura avellanae
Trichiura bicaudata
Trichiura borealis
Trichiura castiliana
Trichiura confluens
Trichiura crataegi
Trichiura defasciata
Trichiura floccosa
Trichiura freyeri
Trichiura griseotincta
Trichiura ilicis
Trichiura khasiana
Trichiura lasistana
Trichiura mali
Trichiura mirzayani
Trichiura moghrebana
Trichiura pallida
Trichiura pallidus
Trichiura passini
Trichiura pistaciae
Trichiura sapor
Trichiura sylvina
Trichiura tamanukii
Trichiura unicolor
Trichiura vallisincola
Trichiura vidisideae
Trichiura vitisideae

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