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25 definitions found for Sphenella

Sphenella belongs to:

Sphenella consists of:
Sphenella angustata
Sphenella atra
Sphenella aureliani
Sphenella austrina
Sphenella crenata
Sphenella deletrix
Sphenella helianthoides
Sphenella hessei
Sphenella indica
Sphenella marginata
Sphenella melanostigma
Sphenella nigricornis
Sphenella nigropilosa
Sphenella novaguineensis
Sphenella obtusata
Sphenella orbicula
Sphenella parvula
Sphenella poecila
Sphenella rostrata
Sphenella ruficeps
Sphenella semisphenella
Sphenella signata
Sphenella sinensis
Sphenella ypsilon

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