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37 definitions found for Sophira

Sophira belongs to:

Sophira consists of:
Sophira appendiculata
Sophira biangulata
Sophira bipars
Sophira bistriga
Sophira borneensis
Sophira cameronia
Sophira concinna
Sophira decora
Sophira distorta
Sophira excellens
Sophira extranea
Sophira flavicans
Sophira flavomaculata
Sophira holoxantha
Sophira insueta
Sophira kurahashii
Sophira limbata
Sophira limbipennis
Sophira linduensis
Sophira maculata
Sophira malaysiae
Sophira mantissa
Sophira medioflava
Sophira metatarsata
Sophira philippinensis
Sophira phlox
Sophira plagifera
Sophira punctifera
Sophira quadripunctata
Sophira signifera
Sophira simillima
Sophira spectabilis
Sophira venusta
Sophira vittata
Sophira ypsilon
Sophira yunnana

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