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43 definitions found for Pyrenophora

Pyrenophora belongs to:

Pyrenophora consists of:
Pyrenophora ambigua
Pyrenophora androsaces
Pyrenophora avenae
Pyrenophora bromi
Pyrenophora calvescens
Pyrenophora chaetomioides
Pyrenophora comata
Pyrenophora coronata
Pyrenophora cytisi
Pyrenophora dictyoides
Pyrenophora echinella
Pyrenophora erythrospila
Pyrenophora eximia
Pyrenophora graminea
Pyrenophora helvetica
Pyrenophora horrida
Pyrenophora japonica
Pyrenophora lolii
Pyrenophora pellita
Pyrenophora penicillus
Pyrenophora phaeocomes
Pyrenophora phaeocomoides
Pyrenophora phaeospora
Pyrenophora rosae
Pyrenophora sarcocystis
Pyrenophora scirpi
Pyrenophora scirpicola
Pyrenophora secalis
Pyrenophora seminiperda
Pyrenophora sexdecimspora
Pyrenophora subalpina
Pyrenophora teres
Pyrenophora tetrarrhenae
Pyrenophora trichostoma
Pyrenophora tritici-repentis
Pyrenophora tritici-vulgaris
Pyrenophora typhicola
Pyrenophora venturia

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