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32 definitions found for Pterocerina

Pterocerina belongs to:

Pterocerina consists of:
Pterocerina acutipennis
Pterocerina alboguttata
Pterocerina americana
Pterocerina anastrepha
Pterocerina angulata
Pterocerina basalis
Pterocerina bifasciata
Pterocerina clarifascia
Pterocerina colorata
Pterocerina costalimai
Pterocerina fenestrata
Pterocerina ferruginea
Pterocerina furcata
Pterocerina garleppi
Pterocerina hendeli
Pterocerina interrupta
Pterocerina nigricauda
Pterocerina nigripennis
Pterocerina nigripes
Pterocerina obliteratella
Pterocerina ochracea
Pterocerina pallidibasis
Pterocerina paradoxa
Pterocerina picea
Pterocerina plurifurcata
Pterocerina psidii
Pterocerina ruficauda
Pterocerina scalaris
Pterocerina stylata
Pterocerina townsendi
Pterocerina trifasciata

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