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24 definitions found for Pterocalla

Pterocalla belongs to:

Pterocalla consists of:
Pterocalla amazonica
Pterocalla angustipennis
Pterocalla bella
Pterocalla costalis
Pterocalla fenestrata
Pterocalla guttulata
Pterocalla maculata
Pterocalla nitidiventris
Pterocalla oculata
Pterocalla ophthalmoptera
Pterocalla pennata
Pterocalla pentophthalma
Pterocalla plumitarsis
Pterocalla proxima
Pterocalla punctata
Pterocalla quadrata
Pterocalla radiata
Pterocalla reticulata
Pterocalla scutellata
Pterocalla striata
Pterocalla strigula
Pterocalla undulata

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