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27 definitions found for Platensina

Platensina belongs to:

Platensina consists of:
Platensina acrostacta
Platensina alboapicalis
Platensina amita
Platensina ampla
Platensina amplipennis
Platensina apicalis
Platensina aptata
Platensina bezzii
Platensina diaphasis
Platensina euryptera
Platensina fukienica
Platensina fulvifacies
Platensina guttatolimbata
Platensina intacta
Platensina katangana
Platensina nigrifacies
Platensina nigripennis
Platensina nigrodiscalis
Platensina parvipuncta
Platensina quadrula
Platensina sumbana
Platensina tetrica
Platensina trimaculata
Platensina voneda
Platensina woodi
Platensina zodiacalis

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