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27 definitions found for Phaeographis

Phaeographis belongs to:

Phaeographis consists of:
Phaeographis australiensis
Phaeographis brasiliensis
Phaeographis caesioradians
Phaeographis dendritica
Phaeographis elaeina
Phaeographis eludens
Phaeographis exaltata
Phaeographis glyphiza
Phaeographis hypomelaena
Phaeographis indica
Phaeographis inusta
Phaeographis leiogrammodes
Phaeographis lindigiana
Phaeographis lobata
Phaeographis lyellii
Phaeographis malacodes
Phaeographis mucronata
Phaeographis necopinata
Phaeographis neotricosa
Phaeographis nornotatica
Phaeographis platycarpa
Phaeographis pseudomelana
Phaeographis ramificans
Phaeographis smithii
Phaeographis subintricata
Phaeographis subinusta

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