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24 definitions found for Petalium

Petalium belongs to:

Petalium consists of:
Petalium alaseriatum
Petalium alternatum
Petalium arizonense
Petalium bicolor
Petalium bistriatum
Petalium brevisetum
Petalium californicum
Petalium debile
Petalium debilitatum
Petalium demicarinatum
Petalium evolutum
Petalium globulum
Petalium grossum
Petalium incarinatum
Petalium incisum
Petalium knulli
Petalium longulum
Petalium schwarzi
Petalium seriatum
Petalium uniperforatum
Petalium werneri
Petalium whitei
Petalium yuccae

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